Christmas Spirit

I am working on a handful of final projects right now being that I have a week left of school. Seeing that it is December and the Christmas Spirit is in the air I figured I would use that in one of my projects.  I got super excited when I saw how a couple of the images I am working on came out so I decided to share them with you. I have to take more which I will post later on, for now here is a little preview.


A little Bit of Everything

I know it has been awhile since my last post. It’s so easy to get caught up in this wonderful thing we call life. Of course school has kept me as busy as ever which means I have been taking a lot of photographs and like always I want to share some of my favorite ones with all of you. Some of these images are from projects in my Photographic Design class and others are from my lighting class. I only have two weeks left in this quarter which means I will be working on Final projects and studying for finals. I’ll attempt to post during those two weeks if however I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off I will be sure to post after the quarter ends. Hope y’all like these images and as always please feel free to make any constructive comments on them.

Street Photography

This week in Photojournalism we are looking at street photography. So here I have posted a couple of images I found that I enjoyed most. Two I found on and the others I found on a local Austin photographer named John R. Rogers website. The Image titled Gutter Lane, London was photographed by Stu Egan. What I like about this image is that its in black and white for one and the play of the shadow. I also like how you can see the reflection of both people in the glass. The second image I like was taken in Enoshima, Fujisawa by Shin Noguchi. I have always like going to zoos and seeing the various animals one of my favorite being the penguins. I love the fact that you get both the penguins and the people viewing them in the picture. The Blue in this image is also very attractive to me. The last two Images were taken in Austin one during SXSW and the other on Congress Avenue. What I love about these images is the vibrancy in the color. You also can see the city life that thrives in Austin, something that everyone that lives here loves. Each of these photos are amazing in their own way.

Randolph AFB, Texas

Earlier this quarter I received an email from school that told me about a Veterans Exhibit that will be put up in the Pentagon for a year. When I saw this I knew I wanted to for the first time submit my own work. So when I went to Randolph for my Reserve duty I knew what I wanted to take pictures of for this exhibit. I took over 100 pictures but here are some of the ones I liked the most. In the images you will see a beautifully unique building that is called “The Taj”. I love looking at this building especially at night all lit up its beautiful. Not far from the building you will also see The Missing Man Monument. It’s a large monument and I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures of it that night. I submitted one of the Images that contained both the Taj and the monument. I however changed it to black and white. Although I love color and initially intended to submit it in color I didn’t want that to be the focus and noticed that some distracting elements were less noticeable once I changed it to black and white. I’m still waiting to hear back if my image will be accepted. Hope y’all like these images as much as I do and please feel free to comment on any of them. =)

Photo Story

In my photojournalism class we are currently working on our own photo stories. A photo story is a group of images shown together to tell a story. For inspiration I  looked at a variety of picture stories and one that I really like I have posted a few pictures from as you can see below. I have a natural undying love for animals so of course this one stuck out to me. It has a variety of pictures of all types of animals, the ones that you can really relate to are the ones of various pets that people own. There really is a love that we share with our pets knowing that makes this a good photo story in my eyes.


One of the classes that I have the pleasure of taking this quarter is Photographic Design. One of the projects I am working on and that I have to turn in this week is a silhouette cut out that I put together and took a picture of. I was excited about this project until I had to use the exacto knife to make these complicated cut outs. In the end I feel like it really came together and maybe I just need more practice with the knife lol. I can only choose one as of now I am stuck between two Pictures and I will make a decision about them after I have them printed I’m sure. If there is one that y’all favor more than the other please feel free to let me know. I’ll be turning this in tomorrow morning.

Austin 5K Foam fest

This past weekend on October 20th I went to the Austin 5K Foam Fest. I had a couple friends that were running in this event so I took the opportunity to use it for an assignment that I had in photojournalism. Aside from taking the pictures of friends I captured images of the event and its various participants that day. I turned in a couple photos that I thought were the best of the 99 Images I took. The first one I am sharing is of my friend Justin he just slid down the 50 ft slide and landed in a pool at the end. I feel that this image is good at showing the intense emotion he felt during the run. The second image is one of the runs beginning. You can see the crowd of people running through the foam. The thing I found appealing about this image was that the people were not all running in your typical running gear some of them were in costume making the event that much more exciting.