Street Photography

This week in Photojournalism we are looking at street photography. So here I have posted a couple of images I found that I enjoyed most. Two I found on and the others I found on a local Austin photographer named John R. Rogers website. The Image titled Gutter Lane, London was photographed by Stu Egan. What I like about this image is that its in black and white for one and the play of the shadow. I also like how you can see the reflection of both people in the glass. The second image I like was taken in Enoshima, Fujisawa by Shin Noguchi. I have always like going to zoos and seeing the various animals one of my favorite being the penguins. I love the fact that you get both the penguins and the people viewing them in the picture. The Blue in this image is also very attractive to me. The last two Images were taken in Austin one during SXSW and the other on Congress Avenue. What I love about these images is the vibrancy in the color. You also can see the city life that thrives in Austin, something that everyone that lives here loves. Each of these photos are amazing in their own way.


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